Hotness Page (celebs only)


FYI: these r in NO SPECIFIC ORDER!!!! so stop yellin at me!



ok ur probably wondering ‘y the heck did aew put up pictures of sexy celebs?’

well i decided to put pics on my blog and tell u y theyre so cute

im going in order: left to right, top to bottom

 RYAN SHECKLER: Ok , hes really cute and hes an athlete and Coolhil begged me to put him on here (as u can see by the comments) so…there

ZAC EFRON: Blue eyes, brunette mop top, how could a gurl NOT love him? hes so cute, and hes totally sweet and modest, no wonder y hes the new teen heartthrob of evry magazine

 WILLIAM MOSLEY: He plays ”peter” from the Chronicles of Narnia: lion, witch and the wardrobe, and in that movie, he looks REALLY brave and strong, and wut gurl doesnt love tht in a guy? If hes just a really good actor, oh well, cuz hes still cute. (i love his hair)

NAT WOLFF: If hes not hot, then wut is? Lol, star of a great reality show on Nickelodeon, its kinda hard not to like him. His hair: Awesome, his smile: adorable, he looks like the guy any gurl would be lucky to go out with

 JOE JONAS: hes TOTALLY bringing sexy back! I’m pretty sure the song was wrote for him, man. Like i said, hottness runs in this family! Nick is hot, Joe is hot, Kevin is kinda hot. But seriously, HES SO FREAKIN CUTE

MAX LLOYD-JONES: Known as ”david durango” from The sandlot 2, (if ur wondering, tht movie wasnt made in the 70’s, more like, uh, 2005) if youve seen the movie, hes like a REALLY fast runner, and hes also one of the cutest guys ive ever seen, hes like tied with cody linley.

COLE SPROUSE: You probably know him from the Suite LIfe of ZAck and Cody, Cole sprouse is the ”nerd” tht gets made fun of alot, but hes really cute. If u think logically, its called acting, it doesnt really mean hes a nerd in real life. Heck, he could be an idiot for all we know. But tht blonde hair is cute, u have to admit tht

CODY LINLEY: If u actually read these, u saw how i compared him to max lloyd, well, theyre both equally cute. THis beach blonde babe is the fast runner from the sweet movie Hoot (which is kinda only a good movie cuz cody linley is actually in it, and tht one other kid, hes cute too) but cody linley is blonde and hot, maybe too hot, tht would scare meh

TONY OLLER- ok wow. hes so hot and hes a pisces (sensitive) plus he has an amazing voice. i really wish i was a couple of years older so i could go out with him 😀

TAYLOR LAUTNER- Oh. My. Gawsh. That boy is so cute! Even though evenyone thinks Rob Pattinson is the sexiest guy alive, I think TAYLOR is! Naturally tan skin, hot bod, cute smile, and extremely sweet, TayTay (his nickname from me) is like the new boy next door! Plus he’s a hottie with a body, like DAYUMMM.

ROBERT PATTINSON- okay…just cuz i think Taylor is hotter, doesnt mean Robbie (my nickname for him) isnt HAWT. His hair is a little crazy, but in the Twilight movie, hes an awesome Edward, fits the role amazingly. Idk how he pulled off that American accent xD. YAY EDWARD!! Bite me 😉

CHACE CRAWFORD- I may not watch GG but when i saw this cutie’s pic in a magazine, i fell for him…HARD. Hes SO CUTE!!!

PETE WENTZ- (boo hoo hes married, and hes a dad 😥 ) …But when he was younger and err…not married, he was HOTTT (still is) but whoever said bassists were gay straight-up LIED! Hes a gorgeous punk-rocker who goes against the crowd and doesnt care what anyone else thinks, which is a really hot quality in a guy.

ALEX GASKARTH- All Time Low baby, one of the best bands of the decade. Love their music, and I love him. He’s soooo hot and he has a great voice. I heard somewhere that he cut his hair though :[ But anyways, me and my bestie Yanesa both adore him.

JOHN O’CALLAGHAN- Also known as John Ohh’, he is like one of THE sexiest guys I’ve ever seen. He’s got this whole laid back attitude, and hes just adorable. I would kill to meet him. He’s the band The Maine, and he’s an amazing lead singer, and the lyrics to their songs are incredible.

CHRISTOFER DREW INGLE- Besides being the sweetest, funniest, and cutest guy I can think of, this dude’s got a way with his ukelele xD I love his music, its so upbeat and it makes me feel happy when I’m down in the dumps. I love Nevershoutnever! (Christofer Drew)



~here to help and eat cheez!


43 Responses

  1. If u have more guys u think i should list, lemme know, and ill check if theyre smexy or not, if they r, ill put it on my site

  2. Ryan Sheckler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ehmagawd where’s my Sheckler?

  4. ill add him on later

  5. rite 😆

  6. 😆 i iz so busy

  7. omg, double ewwwwwww! The only hotties on this page is Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. The other ones look like fricking doofy geeks! No offense to all the girls who would drop to their feet and worship them like they were some type of royalty or something!


  9. OMG!

    Aew’z comment: lolz i know arent they?
    ~here to help and eat cheez 😀 ♥

  10. im scared…….

  11. awhere’s my RYAN SHECKLER


    Aew’z comment: IM GETTIN TO IT
    ~here 2 help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  12. YAY!

  13. dang… now i have to find someone else…

  14. 😛

  15. Add jesse mccartney!!!

    Aew’z comment: OMG i forgot about him WTF im so retarded lol jk, im not retarded im awesome
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  16. ok
    ok i know! add randy!

  17. whos randy? oh wait… isnt he ur bf err sumthin. yea, hate 2 break it to u, but he aint a celeb

  18. YES… HE… IS!

  19. Well…idk what he looks like. get a picture

  20. BUT… I… DON’T… HAVE… ONE…

  21. get one

  22. Make me……… and i do have one… im not uploading it… but he IZ hot. You’d fall in LOVE with him. I swear

  23. im not gunna believe it til i see it

  24. I still think i should be up there 😉

  25. well, go audition for a movie and ill put u up there

  26. hahaha she just burnt your cookies there wolves! ( means YOU GOT OWNED ) ^^

    Aew’z comment: Lol thts funneh, i should use tht…
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  27. u should put girls up there for the guys that come here.

  28. pffffft dx if she did that me and her would be number one on the list lol

  29. 😀 yeah Dx. Put tht in ur juice box n SUCK IT! 😀 ( srry i just always wanted to say tht)


  31. i agree with all of those – but add david archuleta from american idol. i have a HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE crush on him. him and cale at my school

  32. kay so the only cute ones here are nick jonas (drool-drool), cody linley ❤ and joe jonas, the rest of them are just meh, most not even that!! no offence to anybody who has the hots for any of the other guys 🙂

  33. omg ryan sheclar is numba 1

    he is such a hawtie with a body

    Nick Jonas is definitly numba 2 he is sooooo hawt!! =]

    put him as numba 2 zac efron dosent deserve 2 be numba 2 hes definitlyu numba 3

    i love me some ryan sheklar and some Nick jonas! i would definilty DO THEM!! or at least give them a bj

    Aew’z coment: WTFH. RAPIST!
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  34. Aiiiiiiiiiiii, see paarteeeeeeeen, menos ese Natt Woolf Es horribleeee! jaajaajaj!

    Aew’z comment: Yu no say ablad espanol.
    translation: I do not speak spanish.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  35. i should put a picture up of this hawt guy who goes to lunch with me. his names devan. he mite b hotter thn cody linley!!! ok maybe not. but hes pretty dang close!!

  36. those r all disney people
    like.. ew!

  37. are you stupid joe jonas should be first du look at his eyes and smile hes so number one oh my god ryan sheckler thats as ugly as a toilet.

    Aew’z comment: its MY business of wut pix I put on MY blog. if it was YOUR blog, u could put wutever god damned pix u freaking felt like on go put up some joe jonas pix on your gay blog ( i went to it, its retarded) and HELLO? ugly as a toilet?! wtf. no one says tht. u shouldve said ugly as ur mom.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ( u dont get a heart)

  38. You should Add more Pics Of Cody Linley He is So SEXY.

    Aew’z comment:
    Search cody linley pics on google, n my pic of him is like the 6th one on the first page 😀 YAY CODY LINLEY N HIS SEXINESS!!
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  39. *drool*

  40. add ryan ross 😉

    • Dude no way, thats my ex boyfriend, nick’s, last name. I want absolutely nothing to remind me of him.

  41. add Justin Bieber he is soooooooo HOT!!!

    • hate to break it to you, Justin Bieber looks like a chick.

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