My ACTUAL Celeb interveiw

K, this is scary, but i met a celeb online and she and i are like sooooooo alike

 her name is Susan Atrach:

 Q: So, Susan, what are you mostly famous for?

A: Well, I’m famous for making this service called RPWD, Ridgefield Park Wildlife Department. We help save wildlife in our town.

Q: Does being famous get hectic sometimes, like, do you get chsed by fans when youre at Starbucks or something?

A:Well, there is absolutely no doubt that whenever I’m  in public, there has to be atleast, 70 people crowding me..It doesn’t get that annoying, but it does when I try to go into the mall  or somthing!

 Q: What was the coolest thing a fan ever did for you?

 A: Well, let me think back..The coolest thing a fan ever did for me was say that they would die for me, or something like that. They gave me a hug, and a few gifts. I gave her a hug back, and she let me sign a mega poster of me for her..She was very sweet!

quote: ” Fight for what you believe in , when you do,  you can truly make a difference in the world.” – Susan Atrach


22 Responses

  1. omg, I know Susan Atrach! She is so cool, and you met her? Your lucky!

    Keep Waddling!!!!

    Aew’z comment: Yea, she and I r friends now 😆
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  2. Hey Aew3796.!!!!

    Anyways ima big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    U have an a
    AEWsome blog.lolz

    Aew’z comment: Thanks!
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  3. Wow that’s cooooool

    Aew’z comment: thanks again
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  4. Nice Site!!

    Aew’z comment: Thank u
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  5. cool site :mrgreen:

    Aew’z comment: THanks!
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  6. ur lucky dat u get 2 have an interview wit a famous person

  7. i wish i had an interview wit a famous person

  8. o ya sure brag all u want

  9. o ya well i dont eat cheese wat now!!!

  10. so wat if i dont like cheese wat r u going 2 do about it

  11. wow 6 comments in a row

  12. any1 who messes up my comment streak will pay!!!!!!!!!

  13. 8 note streak i mean 8 comment streak

  14. 9

  15. 10

  16. ok im bored im leaving this site and never coming back

  17. jk jk just kidding

  18. seriously im going 2 leave but i will b back 2morrow

  19. MU HA HA HA ^^ aew you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky ^^ nice site

    Aew’z comment: *sarcasm* I know, right?
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  20. lol just erase this topic

    • Lol oh hush, i was young and naive, therefore I believed this chick was the bomb xD

      • Yeah but can u please erase this? she doesnt want her name to be out here like that please do me that favor

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