Freshman Year: One Trimester Down, Two to Go

Excuses, excuses, I know..

I probably wouldn’t be typing this if I wasn’t sick and home from school today.. High school has been going well, for those interested. I enjoyed the classes I had, but as for the teachers, they are a whole different story.

A lot of the teachers are in it solely for the money. One teacher I had told my friend to “shut the hell up” (I swear, she said that) and “Why should I stay after to help students? I don’t get paid for it” She’s retiring in a couple years, and lets just say, no one will miss her. When one of her former students is her doctor, and she’s having some kind of major surgery, she’ll be sorry…

Thankfully, though, there’s that small handful of teachers left that actually care about their students and the kind of education they get, the teachers that ask how you’re doing and genuinely care, who give great advice and feel like a second mom ♥

I haven’t made too many new friends, more-so acquaintences and people I’ll talk to in class. My current classes are decent so far, its hard to really tell since the second trimester just started.

Blah. Freshmen year is a drag.

In my spare time, I hang out with Nick (boyfriend of two-ish years), go to church, and try to spend time with friends..well..the friends I haven’t lost :/ but I’m not going to burden anyone with that story.

I feel like life is becoming a cycle..In the summer, everything drifts along, and towards the end of it, a lot takes a turn for the worst. In the fall, I lose track of my identity and feel pretty useless. In the winter, things perk up, and relationships rebuild, and everything seems to have a spark to it. Then, in spring, everything is light and happy and busy.

Hopefully this isn’t how it will always be.

Right now, I’ve taken an interest in acting, writing, and cooking. Maybe when I get my braces off, I’ll try modeling. The worst they can say is no, right? I have a few homecoming pictures, I’ll put those up eventually 🙂

Well, this is a pretty long post and I hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit, leave comments, questions, or advice, and I’ll always reply. Promise 🙂


10 Responses

  1. DUDE


    AND ADD ME (michizukimangos) :DDDDDDDDDD


    and shtuff

    • Hey boo 🙂 I don’t have a webcam but I’m supposedly getting a laptop soon so I’ll look for one with a webcam built in 🙂

  2. You don’t need a webcam silly :L I don’t have one either. all you need is a computer

    I use my microphone on there though!

  3. Hahah Skype. Soooo overated these days. Anyways good to hear from you Amy.

    • It’s not overated. It’s not like webkinz; It’s just a way for us to talk. CALM YOURSELF.

  4. Lolol don’t hate on webkinz!

  5. Whoa, chill your boner there. All I’m saying is that omegle is a better program cause you can video chat with more than 1 person, not just conference chat. and isnt webkinz for like 5 year olds…?

    • Mostly commenting on the fact Webkinz is overated babe 😉

      and You CAN video chat with more than 1 person on skype =w=

  6. yeah but i have a mac

  7. Why haven’t you added me on skype yet, darling 😦 I’m telling you. – You DON’T need a webcam or a mic or a PC to use Skype

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