About Wadles

Hilooo, i iz wadles da new persony thingy here. And, so you know that’s the only time I’ll be talking like that on here lol. Ok, so about me, I’m a very random person!!!! I’ll probably be random a lot while I’m here hehe. I am kinda lazy, hence why this post has no color ^^. I (wow I sure do like that pronoun) am funneh sometimes hehe and i iz smart sometimes too ^^. I’ll be happy to help you out anytime you want, just aketh me. Oh and, don’t be offended if I ever correct your grammar or something it’s a bad habbit (and weird one) that I have tehee. Oh and for future refrence I am good at editing pics but i stink at doing headers! DO NOT ASK ME WHY OR I’LL SEND EVIL INK CARTRIDGES AFTER YOU! see? random! Anyways more about me, I started blogging in..2006 i think. I’m 14 and If you want to adress me…just call me wadles. I might be updating this page if It looks too sloppy and if i think of other things to put. OH AND THANKS TO AMY FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE! 😀


Aew’z comment (im just so awesome i can do comments on other pplz pages, i rawk like tht.) : kk i editied ur page so its prettiful now!!! its all rainbowy n stuff. Anywayz, wadles is my Editor (had to switch it cuz contributors couldnt post) and he iz funneh and nice and helpful, plus he winned my election. so. yeah. anways heres a pretty picture i made about me n wadles.  dont ask why hes pink. (click da pic for bigger pic)      ~amy wuz here~



16 Responses

  1. Wheeeeeee!!! i iz smarticle for adding u. i shall edit this post so it is colorful and prettiful

  2. lol tank you xD! i was pink cause we had to match and (preppy time) it’s like soo my color dontcha like..think?

  3. like omg totally, its just makes ur eyes totally pop!

  4. it like so does! oh muh gawsh!

    Wadles’s Comment:
    Ok, I jusr like so had to do this xD lol. I need a phrase!

    RaNdOm Is GoOd lawl it’s true! (but i wont ever use it hehe)

  5. omg i keep making typos :O!

  6. O.O omg waffles ish pink……GAAAAAAAAAAAY lol you know im jking

  7. lawl of course xD but u know pink is muh color gurl (jk)

  8. (teeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee)

  9. Cool.

  10. xD x 374

  11. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lawl

  12. I just tried this new flavor of ‘extra’ gum. Its called berry pearadise. Yummeh-ness!

  13. okay there is a very good reason why i deleted waffles as an editor. because hes like what…15?, i decided he was probably too busy for this site, so having him as an editor was like it was before he was here. but anyways, i still luv him like a brother, even if i havent heard from him in 4 months :(. LUV U WAFFLES! U TOO MEKE!!!

  14. and no, i will not delete this page. it has alot of good memories XD

  15. =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ I forget about this site I’m so sorry. You really need to come on that bribble, it has a bunch of people you know I think. It’s fun and we’d get to talk moreeeee. D:

    Aew’z comment: Its okayy, i forgive u 🙂 Argh, my dumb-butt dad “banned” me from going on anythin else besides this one thing called Stardoll. But i sneak on here sometimes lol. I miss u waffles!! Email me!!
    ~here to help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  16. P.S- wuts the new port to bribble??

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