Ok, i know everyone in the world who has a blog loves to advertise to get hits, well, this page is for ppl who just wanna advertise their little hearts out. So here, be happy. but dont u DARE advertise an innapropriate site, and dont do an 19 link long stack. u can advertise about 7 times, and thts it, cuz it takes forever to scroll down on the page when u get a comment like tht. so, dont.


~~here 2 help & eat cheez!

BTW. I like the colors on here, i kinda got the idea from ratty and hil’s site, but this is probably the only page im gunna do it on.  so dont spaz at me ((this includes u hilary))


8 Responses

  1. ummm gtg to skool cya peeps! ~amy wuz here~

  2. ??

  3. muhg piczo



    (^thats my word^)

  6. hey peeps go to the best site eva!

  7. like dude where ish freaking chewitt’s chatbox?!!! i cant find it D: the first time i come on the computer in like a GAZILLION ( actually had to make up a number ) DAYS and i cant find the dwam chat. -_-

    Stupid Paper Towels

  8. Photo of the Month Club

    Receive each month a limited edition print based on subscription. With a 1-YR subscription receive a free 8×10 framed photo of my choosing. Please visit for more details.

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