All About Moi (nawt u ^^)

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All About the Fabulous Me…

 What I Like (I’ll try to list it all): Nice,smart,cute,funny,sweet,sensitive guys; new songs ive never heard be4; rootbeer; british accents; the computer (like duh); piggy; dogs (any kind); mashed potatoes (dont ask); avril lavigne; high skool musical; random stuff; random ppl; hearts (the drawings like ♥ ); doodling; being a nerd; kicking guys (idk y, its so fun); laughing; pudding; chewy chocolate chip cookies; correcting ppls mistakes; slapping gary; shopping; trying on shoes; watching movies; eating black olives (i put them on my fingers, its so fun); hanging out; staying up late; walking to skool in the morning (its so peaceful); summer; talking (ask my teachers, theyll agree); clicking pens; chewing on gum really loud so it annoys ppl; the colors black, pink, and blue; black convertable mustangs (my dream car); vanilla (anything vanilla, even the color); shrimp; massages; little people; nail polish; smackers lip gloss; smiley faces; toast; waffles (the food); snow; my birthday; being blonde; brunette guys; guys with long hair; not being bored; flats (the shoes); graphic tee shirts; music; guys who play guitar; hanging out with people; riding my bike; summer; writing; shiny things; laughing like milk came out ur friends nose and not knowing why youre laughing in the first place; looking @ magazines; a guy who would love me for me and nothing else; my best friends; making new friends; inventing newer, crazier ways to do something; drinking slurpees; singing to songs i love; emo guys; things that smell like coffee (like candles, pencils, air freseheners, etc.); pencils with prettiful designs; blue jeans; flip flops; running bare foot; playing in the snow; jumping in the pool; screaming; being in love; knowing someones in love with me; gossiping; watching bad yet funny things happen to people; watching ‘fred’ on youtube;  rasberries; having ppl stroke my hair like im a cat ( it relaxes me, dont ask); having ppl draw on my back with their finger or the eraser of a pencil; throwing snowballs at ppl; being wrapped in a warm blanket tht just came out of the dryer; doodling; dodgeball; sitting on the beach in the warm sand; fall out boy; talking about random things; making people feel smarticle; saynig the word ”smarticle”; converses; thinking about things tht most ppl dont thnk about, like ”why is the sky blue” and stuff like tht; talking to wadles and meke; feeling important; making pictures on the comp.; sour things; sweet candy; hot tamales; ice cubes; water; sunshine; clouds; grass (i likez grass); trees; birds; worms; watermelon; gum; bubblegum; mints; reading; twilight; being awesome

Things i dont like: Guys who lie to impress girls; jealous guys (twick); burnt cookies (yuck); swiss cheese; perverts; copiers; haters; hackers; bullies; preppy people who walk up to u and think theyre ur BFF; laziness; teachers; school; armando; travis; curtis; harley; people who make fun of u one minute and say theyre ur frend the next; boring things; ugly ppl;brats; barbies; mayonnaise (ick); dorks; and people who are jealous of me; being yelled at; having a person be mad at me; blonde ppl who make other blondes look stupid; brunettes who CALL blondes stupid; food that tastes really bad; socks (idk why, i just dont like socks); chapped lips; bad kissers; guys who dont know when i want to hug me er sumthin; having a cold; coughing; not being able to breathe thru my nose; not being able to fall asleep; people who are really insensitive; people who dont know when to STFU; horror movies (well see, id love them if my retarded brother didnt make me watch a really bad one when i was 4!!)((stupid brother))

 Status- Taken by Nick ❤

Kk, i know alot of u probably wonder, who the heck is Aew3796?! Whered she come from?! whats her story? What the hell is a Piggy?! well, im gunna tell u how it all began, not my life, my story (dumb crap). 


kk well i was born in a country just south of canada and north of mexico D one day i was playing cp and in the middle of talking to muh frend chelsie (her peng)

when i thing pops up saying tht i said: like my sh**? i starting to RLLY get mad, so i searched on google, ”i hate club penguin” D and this came up: Note to all my haters….

and the url was , then it gave meh sum funny pictures tht (at the time) were hilarious, so i search on google again, ”funny cp pictures”, and then a ad for nikki and faiths site came up. since the ppl on fabfaces website didnt reply to my comments, and when nikki and faith did, i stuck to their site :D, and when they first posted somthing about a ”bribble” i thought the name was so funny tht i followed the link, and ended up @ holagurrls chat.

i learned everything i know about paint and wordpresses from nikki,faith, and the good ppl of bribble (sum not so good, i wont mention any names *coff* icey and cppd *coff*)

lol, so if u think im kool and ur my frends , thank nikki and faith, but if u think i suck, go to screwitts

the site tht started it all                                                                                                                             




*smax spider* ok im ok…


~ROCK OUT LOUD or dont rock at all~

AmY wUz HeRe







12 Responses

  1. my best friend is chubby.thanks.

    Aew’z comment: Oh, well, i know alot of chubby ppl in my class, and theyre not chubby cuz they have medical probs, theyre chubby cuz theyre lazy and they eat ALOT of junk food, like in gym, instead of so jumping jacks and running, they sit and do nothing. its kinda sad, but if it offends u, ill take it off if u want…ehh, ill take it off anyways
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  2. thank you.

  3. ur welcome ♥

  4. actually everyone ish lazy so how can you hate it O.O when you dont wanna do something thats lazyness and i know nobody in the world wants to do everything -_-

  5. *confused*

  6. she does have a point..tho sometimes there’s a difference, like not wanting to chop your hand off isn’t being lazy…unless of course u really want to ur just too lazy to do it..hmm

  7. *still confused*

  8. hehe check out the new name 🙂

  9. Now check out the NEWER name Bahaha x]

  10. NEWERERER name!

  11. i loled hard at the screwitt thing

    • Aye niggz, sorry this comment went on so long without my approval xD I’ve been busy with absolutely nothing, rofl. I miss you jordykins, luhh you!! Add me on AIM- ayuhmay

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