talk about anything here!

 no rules but if u say something offencive or mean ill edit or delete it


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  1. Umm..
    Hi ..!

  2. xDxDxDxDxDxD

    Aews comment:

    *hiss* lol

  3. so bored right now,lol just thought to take a look at ur awsume site.thx alot for helping me with mine,ya im just bored so ummm yepp soo umm yepp.bii.~Wolves

  4. wolves4eva44 was hacked,and banned forevr…

  5. 😦 im srry that happened ♥

  6. chat.

  7. i want another breadstick

  8. Hello!

    Aew’z comment: Hi
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  9. xD,banned from holas forev probably

  10. 🙄 yah rite

  11. ur music is annoying me lol andddd jack sux lol

    Aew’z comment:

    my music annoys meh too but sonific songspot is too retarded to add music ppl actually

    ~here to help and eat cheez 😀 ♥

  12. 😦 I’m sick, tired, and boredddd….there’s NO one on bribble. Oops, now I know why. It’s 8:45 in the morning, lol. 🙂

    you know you can’t get enough of me,

    Aew’z comment: Awww feel better Dren
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥


  14. i love the music playing on ur site, but i listen to it so much, I’m about to strangle myself, lol. I’m soo sorry about what I said to you in bribble. I was just pissed, and I totally didn’t mean it, k? You know I could never think that about you! Bribble’s closing in 6 days! 😦 we need to find something else to chat on! Luv ya like a sista! ~Gemi (a.k.a. Dren)

    Aew’z comment: I know, i hate the music too, and im about to change it, but sonific songspot is so retarded the dont add music ppl actually listen to this century. and its ok, were cool now, and me and wolves usually chat now on this link:

    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  15. lol u rock!

    Aew’z comment: Thank…u
    ~here to help and eat cheez 😀

  16. ok,Aew u have like, THE BEST SITE IV EVER SEEN!
    i know ur friends with nikki and faith,so dont tell them this
    ur site is MUCH better than their site in my oppinune!
    oh and how old are u?Im 11.
    You live in the states right?
    Well anyway,ROCK ON AEW!

    Aew’z comment: Thanks, im 11, i like their site more tho cuz it has cool pix and they were really nice when i went on their blog and
    they always help me if i have wordpress questions
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  17. What music do u like?like what songs?
    Do u think Zac Efrons retarted?i heard somewere he was.
    And i know,this is so tollay RANDOM.
    *Stares at nails*
    oh and i noticed u write “here to help eat cheese”
    i dont really get that,whats it soppuse to mean?
    And weres ur birrble i cant find it anywere,and what times are u on it?

    ~ 😉 Spygirl10 😉 ~

    Aew’z comment: So many questions…so little time, actually i have lots of time cuz
    lol i have the day off of skool cuz my area in the state got A FREAKING FOOT OF SNOW i love snow lol

    ok i like pop, rock and country: pop: GNO, S.O.S, Teardrops on my guitar, Bubbly, how to save a Life> songs
    if zac efron was retarded, id still love him cuz hes cute, but not as cute as my cody 😀
    first, its ‘here to help and eat cheez’ and it means that ill help u, with a funny random comment after that.
    if it were ‘here to help eat cheez’ it means that id be shoving string cheez up ur mouth and making u chew it,
    that would be mental
    and last, i dont hav a bribble, i thought about gettin one, but decided not to
    i go to holagurrl25’s bribble, even tho she was mean to me, i dont hav to like her to use her chat
    btw her port is: 27630
    and i go on usually 5-9 EST, but i cut back my hours on there cuz of the new comp program

    ~here to help AND eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  18. um Aew?
    I heard you mencoin that your friends with nikki and fiath right?
    Well,one time i called one of nikkis fav shows apple basket instead of Fruit Basket so now she added me to the black list so i cant post anything on her site anymore!and plus she keeps calling me a BOY but im a girl! 😦
    can u plz convince her to take me off the black list if u can?

    Your Friend
    😉 Spygirl10 😉 (PS on nikkis site i use the name spypenguin10)

    Aew’z comment: 1., u spelled mention wrong, 2., even tho that could be an odd reason to put someone on a black list
    maybe she really likes tht show
    P.S wtf is a black list, omg, it sounds racist
    o lol srry ive been hanging out with gary too much

    ~here to help and eat cheez! ♥

  19. plus Nikki called me a JERK!
    and i have a little sis,and one time she went on Nikkis site and started spamming on her site so wen i called it Apple Basket instead of fruit basket she got mad and added me to the black list!
    She REALLY mean to me for no reson!
    sorry for dumping all this on u! just can u just tri to talk to her if u can?
    ROCK ON AEW! 😉

    HERE TO HELP AND EAT CHEEZ’ ?!?!!?!?!?!?

    *says in a sweet voice* sorry for dumping all this on you

    ~here to help and eat cheez! ♥

    P.S: XD brb i have to go upstairs in the forbidden territory( my brothers room) and look for an oven mit
    *holds breath* *puts on goggles* im going in

  20. you there any 1 can you give me a chat box to copy and paste?

    Aew’z comment: ?
    ~here tp help,eat cheez,kiss cody,and make u laff 😀 ♥

  21. lol aew ur REALLY funny!!(and im not being sarcastic)
    i just got a wordpress called htt:// and yes my name is nikki.
    I was wondering if i can add u to my blogroll(and maybe u could add me??)

    (ps i thought it was here to help eat cheez and i was laughing sooo hard when u said the thing about cheese strings!! 😉 )

    Aew’z comment: Lol, sure u can add me, but ummm…dontcha think ur kinda copying nikki and faith?
    ~here to help and eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  22. u r so cool!!!!!
    oh and im only nine (why did i just say that??!?)
    do u ever go on clubpenguin?

    here to help and be random

    Aew’z comment: Please dont say ‘here to help and be random’ cuz that really sounds like my line, and i HATE copiers, plus my line is copyrighted, lol my mom did it
    ~here to help and eat cheez 😀 ♥ (c)

  23. what is ur deal?
    i heard what u said about me on nikkis site and it was really mean!
    i think ur really cool,but not any more.
    and thanx,for being so NICE to me (says in a sarcastic voice)


    aew’z comment: I WAS NICE,but it seems like u hav a habit of gettin on ppls nerves, so go ahead and cling to sumone else. may i suggest coolhil90?, by the way, WHY DO U KEEP CHANGING UR NAME, u know, y dont u change it to the
    (look up)

    P.S. From now on, im deleting all of the comments that u leave on my wordpress

  24. hiii.. this is kona from plantet cazmo..

    Aew’z comment: lol hiiiiiii
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  25. OMG! My parents made me delete my blog!
    i SUCKS

    Aew’z comment: This is where im smarticle, see, cuz i dont tell my parents… i have like a secret life they dont know about.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  26. hiloo i got super bored so i read all ur comments…and i saw ur copyright thing and u put the c in () so i wanted to give u the symbol..cause well im weird like that and im bored © hehe. seriously im like bored to death ova here, oh and can i have some cheez? mm yummy

    Aew’z comment: No u may not have sum cheez. i control all the cheez in the world and i decide who i gve it to so…
    no! u may not have sum cheez. oh fine , here: *hands wadles sum cheez* there. u owe me 5$ now, congratulations.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥ (MY CHEEZ)

  27. k, id didnt tell my parents i had a blog and then they deleted it!

  28. id help u but, sadly, im sick *coff* *sniffs*

  29. O.O i cant sleep at night…….clowns will eat me -grabs random old lady wit a walker and shakes her- NEVER TRUST A CLOWN YOU HEAR ME?! THEY TURN INTO VAMPIRES AND SUCK YOUR BLOOD THEN EAT YOUR CHILDREN!!! -old lady runs off screaming- -_- remember you have been warned……………….

    Aew’z comment: how can she run if she has a walker?
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  30. i talk WAAAAAAAAAAY too much -_-

    Aew’z comment: Yes but so do i!! hahahahahaha i talk alot too sumtimes ppl get mad at me cuz i wont shut up i just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on so yea i think u get my point if u dont then why are u alive? u should just go die if u didnt understand what i just said.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  31. yesh I do understand but others dont cuz one day in skool i was talking to my friend ( we call her jojo ) and i was babbling on about how i babble on alot and she kept on screaming shut up shut up and i wouldnt shut up ( i tried ) so we came up to me and slapped me ( i havent been the same ever since )

  32. Lol gary thinks evry word tht comes out of my mouth is retarded. Becuz in his eyes im a short (evryone is short to him cuz hes 5′ 9″), skinny blonde with a small bra size & a nice a$$. Wut a perv…

  33. O_O

  34. Heyy! can u make me a image header and e-mail it to me… make it like a rainbow backrund and put a pic of my penguin on it p.s. Write 2icygirls Clubpenguin WEbsite on it! ill email u the pic of my penguin.. wut is ur e mail?

    Aew’z comment: Ok im extremely srry. if ur a regular viewer of this website, you’d know that i’ve been gone for awhile. so i cant make ur header cuz… 1. i forgot how 2. my comp is gay now so it cant make stuff. 3. im not allowed to go on yahoo from my comp so i woulodnt be able to get the pic of ur peng. but MAYBE if ur nice, ill make u a header. what size do u need? and what color text?
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  35. awsome sit its soooo clorful! 😀

  36. OMG I know twilight is totally the BEST!! Yeah i’m reading the series i’m currently @ the 2nd book, new moon, i’m reading like i’ve never read before lol, it’s so god damn awesomee!
    And yep i remember you, it’s been a long time..!!

    Aew’z comment: Lolz reading is fun when its about sexy vampires 😆
    XD fine then i get Jacob! (taylor lautner is SO FINE!)
    Yayyy i feel loved 😀
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥♥ (u get 2 hearts cuz u remember me xD)

  37. Stupid twilight n00bs wrecking the place. D= THIS IS A PLACE TO EAT CHEESE PEOPLE! NOT TO TALK ABOUT HOW SEXY EDWARD CULLEN IS lawls

    Aew’z comment: Twilight is the shizz-nipples xD and very true. okay no more twilight talk. let us talk about…Rasberries!!
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥


  39. rasberries arn’t hairy.
    Mangos and peaches are.
    Sounded wrong lol.

    Aew’z comment: Lolz, but yes they are! Seriously, go get a rasberry and tell me if it has hair on it. Other hairy fruits are kiwis and…idk. ill do research.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  40. how do you all do the emoticon thingies? I know how to do these : 🙂 😦 😉 :s :o, but how do you all do the lol one?

    Aew’z comment: The lol smiley is :l0l: but instead of a ‘0’ its an ‘o’. 😆
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  41. oh oh i think i got it 😆

    Aew’z comment: Yeppers, :lol:.
    ~here to help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  42. Hehe lets get a dog and name her Kitty just because thats ironic and I heart irony :]

  43. ! It’s been so long since I’ve talked to you!

    • Yeah…um…definitely…*trying really hard to remember who you are* *its not working xD*

      Sorry lol, try to jog my memory.

      • Well my name used to be Mega Firebal when I was like 9 or 10. And I’m Guitarrocker97 on Youtube.

        Aew’z comment: OHHH!! Yeah I member you xD My AIM is ayuhmay if you have one of those too.
        ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  44. And check out my site sometime.

    • I shall check it out :] talk to you on youtube/AIM/where ever.

      Btw new bribble is

      I go on sometimes.

  45. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • Awh, thanks :]

  46. Christofer Drew= my new husband. Mine. No one elses.

    If you think otherwise, tell someone who gives a damn…

    Have a nice day ^.^!


  48. yo whats this site about anyway? its amazing, and you have wonderful talent that my small pea brain cannot comprehend. I shouldn’t even have commented this, considering this comment is basically shit compared to the glory of this blog.

    Amy says… Yeah bitch, mess with me.

    • This site is about your mother.

      yes. I went there.

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