Pictures of me (i luv tht song)((under construction))

taken oct. 2009

taken oct. 2009

taken sept 2oo9
taken sept 2oo9
taken Sept. 2oo9

taken Sept. 2oo9

taken Feb. 4th 2009

taken Feb. 4th 2009

^^ i look so goth. btw tht is a fake  pink extension.

Recent pic of me ^^

Recent pic of me 😮 ^^


tht drawing isnt me, but its so cute, and it REFLECTS my personalityme-and-muh-buds.jpgamyy.jpg


7 Responses

  1. did u draw that amy was here thing on the computer?? if u did, thats amazing!!

    Aew’z comment: Yea, i did 😀 thanks
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez 😀 ♥

  2. Cool.
    ~Sweet Sa~

    Aew’z comment: lol
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  3. Cool pics

  4. i dont really look like tht anymore. i guess u could say ive “matured”. im soooooo much smexier

  5. *gasp* i put a more recent-er pic of me on hurr. check it outt ^^

  6. prettttttttttty ❤

    Aew’z comment: Bahaha x] thankies.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! ♥ 😀

  7. […] Nowhere but up ^.^ First things first. New pictures up! Check it outt. […]

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