Quizzez (oh joy)

lol i know ur looking at the title and thinking (ugh a quiz, wtf i go to skool for tht)

well, these r the fun kinda quizzez, like the kind u take in a magazine

heres how it works: there will be a question like (coke or pepsi?) and u comment ur choice, but therell be more questions so dont just comment one answer at a time, or il mark it as spam, just put all ur answer in one comment like (1. coke, 2. dogs, 3. red) k?

 1. coke or pepsi?

2. dogs or cats?

3. flip flops or sneakers?

4. red or blue?

5. basketball or soccer?

6. would u rather go blind or deaf? (as if u can rlly choose)

7. one big christmas present or dozens of tiny ones?

8. cookies or brownies?

9. Florida or California? (to vacation)

10. blonde or brunette? (hair, no duh, btw it doesnt have to be ur hair color)

11. no chores and no cash or lots of chores and lots of cash?

12. wordpress or piczo?

13. Holagurrl or Chewitt Dude? (hola all the way) ((my opinion))

14. Club penguin or Runescape?

15. Member or beta non member? (think about it, when ur a nonmember u just get the free junk tht cp gives out to unblock the comp harddrive)

16. cinnamon rolls or chocoloate cake?

17.  Piggy (my piggy, duh) or the little worm dude from sesame street? (i think his name is squirmy or sumthing)

18. in an nightmare and never waking up or watching the doodlebops marathon for 5 hrs. (by never i mean NEVER)

19. Aew3796 or Chewitt dude?

20. BONUS QUESTION: Whats my favorite color?

A. green, B. yellow,  C. pink, or D. black and dark pink?

 if u get the bonus question right, ill block the answer so no one else copies

 and u dont have to do all the questions


~here to help and eat cheez 😀


57 Responses

  1. coke
    neither lolz
    one big
    no chores and no cash(ill wait till a holiday for money)
    club penguin
    cinnimon rolls
    dooldebops thing
    Aew is way better then chewitdude
    slap me if im wrong, ______________?

    Aew’z comment:

    u got it rite lol

  2. coke,dogs,flipflops,blue,basketball,deaf
    (it blind i wouldnt be able to see all those hotties),dozen tiny,cookies,florida,brunette,either,wordpress,
    hola, cp,
    member,cinomon rolls,piggy,DOODLEBOPS!,aew,all of the above,

    Aew’z comment: heyyyy twin, i pick all those too, except florida, they stick out of the US too much
    ~here to help and eat cheez 😀 ♥

  3. 1. pepsi

    2. cats
    3. sneakers

    4. blue

    5. basketball

    6. blind (then i couldn’t talk to my friends!!! 😦 )

    7. Dozens of tiny ones (The more the merrier!)

    8. Cookies

    9. California (where else would u go to get great clothes?)

    10. brunette (I’m a brunette, and in my opinion we’re wayyy better than blondes. No offense.)

    11. No chores. (my grandparents send me tons of money. What’s the point of cleaning?)

    12. wordpress!!!!!!

    13. Holagurrl

    14. Club penguin all the way!

    15. Member

    16. cinnamon rolls ( i hate chocolate cake for some reason)

    17. Piggy!!! give piggy a hug for me! lol

    18. watching the doodlebops for 5 hrs (poor me!)

    19. Aew!!!! what’s SO great about chewittdude?

    20 Is your fave color, __________, by any chance??? 🙂

    you know you can’t get enough of me,

    Aew’z comment: But if u were blind, u wouldnt get to stare at all the hots guys
    ~here to help and eat cheez! ♥

  4. 1.coke
    11.no chores no cash
    14.club penguin
    16.chocolate cake(this one was tough)
    18.doodlebops(at least it ends)
    19.aew!!!!!(my twinnie)
    20. um…blue or pink

    Aew’z comment: Lolz
    ~here to help and eat cheez 😀 ♥

  5. lol, Aew, ur so right! How could I bear not seeing gorgeuous boys?!! lol, i could always write down stuff to talk with friends.

  6. 1.coke 🙂
    2.dogs (cats to messy)
    3.sneakers own
    4.red duhh
    5.ouch i like both and play on a team for both
    7.big one
    8.cookies if baked and soft
    9.well im going to cally l.a. next summer so cali
    10.srry not a girl plus i dont have either lol
    11. im not a lazy person so lots
    12.wordpress duh!
    13. hard but i go with my boy chew
    14.ouch i play both but still nothing beats C.P

  7. 15.members
    16.choclate cake i mean who doesnt ike choclate
    17.piggy i guess
    18.if i am dying and going to heaven lol 😀
    19.idk really know you as much lol but u have a nice site
    20._______________ duh

  8. 1. Coke
    2. Cats
    3. Sneakers
    4. Blue
    5. Soccer
    6. Deaf
    7. Lots of tiny ( lots of DS games!!!! Yay!)
    8. Brownies
    9. California
    10. Brunette
    11. Hmmm… NO chores and lotsa cash! 🙂 lol jk. NO chore and no cash.
    12. WordPress
    13. HOla!
    14. Isn’t it obvious? CP!
    15. beta nonmeber.
    16. Cinnamon rolls
    17. squirmy
    19. Aew
    20. d?

  9. coke
    flip flops (i take them off, so i mostly go bare foot XD)
    tiny ones
    no chores
    beta non
    cinnamon rolls
    never waking up (life sux :P)
    D. (lol, free bee)

  10. 1. pepsi

    2. cats

    3. sneakers

    4. blue

    5. neither 😛 haha

    6. neither 😛

    7. one big christmas present or dozens of tiny ones?

    8. brownies

    9. California (Cause Green Day lives there)

    10. blonde

    11. lots of chores and lots of cash?

    12. wordpress

    13. Holagurrl
    14. Club penguin

    15. Member

    16. cinnamon rolls

    17. the little worm dude from sesame street?


    19. Aew3796

    20. black and dark pink?

  11. wadlessssssssssss u didnt do the quiz yet


    flip flops
    tiny presents (the more the merrier)
    blonde all the way betch
    no chores (CHILD LABOR LAWS)
    Cinnamon Rolls
    nightmare and never waking up :p
    Aew3796 – i pwn Chewitt Dude

    ~amy wuz here~

  13. sowy wadles wash busy i shall do it soon tho 😀

  14. 1.i can’t drink pop
    2. dogs
    3. flip flops
    7.dozens of tiny ones
    11.lots of chores and lots of cas?
    16.chocolate cake
    17. Piggy
    18. watching the doodlebops marathon for 5 hrs.
    19. Aew3796 or Chewitt dude – n/a (nothing personal -don’t know either person)
    20.D. black and dark pink

  15. 1.coke (hate pepsi)
    2.cats (i ahve a cat named mellow, dog named scruffy)
    3.flipflops (sneakers make your feet smell)
    4.red (blue stinks)
    5.basketball (im tall, thats a good adventage dont ya think)
    6.deaf (i can still WATCH tv and pPLAY on the computer, id like to see some1 blind do that, but no offence if you cant see, but your missing out)
    7.1 big christmas present (whod want 12 hair clips and bows when you could get like a laptop computer or somethin!)
    8.cookies (depends what kind. fav kind – these really easy to quick cookies called no-bake cookies. all yu have to do is mix up something plop em down, eat em, and emjoy a little piece of heaven)
    9.California (it only takes like 10 minutes to get there where I live, well maybey 30, and i wanna go to l.a.)
    10.brunette (i look sooo good with brown hair, cause duh thats my hair color, and i have a cute sytle – long, natural wavey hair, bangs to the left side, almost covering on eye)
    11.lotsa chorses and cash (who cares about doing chores when it could pay off and ud be a bilionare, but of coursse id hire someone to mow the lawn,ect. for me, and my parents w0ould neva know =p )
    12.WORDPRESS DUH! (not olda ‘nuf to get one that suxs eggs i know)
    13. holagurrl (have to agree with you on that one)
    14.RUNESCAPE 100% (i quit cp, now a mem on rs, but might quit rs 2, depends if bff and sis quits 2) ps: CP SUCKS EGGS AND DIRT GYM SUCKS!
    15.memba (nothin else to say…)
    17.piggy (worms= headless creepy creatures)
    18. doodlebops!!! (i hate nightmares!!!
    19.Aew3796 (ur cool)
    20. c pink (i think idk)

  16. 1.coke
    3.flip flops
    7.dozens of tiny ones
    11.no chores no cash
    16.chocolate cake
    18.doodlepops marathon
    19. Aew3796
    20.dark pink

  17. is your favourite colour yellow or green

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