July 12, 2010

First summer of the decade and so far its been fantastic! I hope you’re able to say the same.

Okay first off, I’m absolutely loving all the free time and extra sleep and just everything. I feel so chill and relaxed and stress free, its amazing. Everyone just seems a lot happier, and the positive energy feels nice..

I’ve gotten a lot of firsts this summer, like meeting my first crossdresser, going to a wave pool, swimming with nick, etc. And its all been really fun, more of my plans include..

  • Going to my aunt’s cabin
  • Going to Chicago when my baby niece/nephew is born
  • Going to my city’s carnival
  • Putting a desk in my room/getting a new phone

So I’m sort of a busy bee, but I like being able to do what I please, school is so stressful >.<

Well I’m going to go do something xD I love you guys! Ttfn.


Nowhere but up ^.^
September 16, 2009

First things first. New pictures up! Check it outt.

Okay, so schools getting a bit better. I like my Science teacher and my Social Studies teacher. Actually, I found out that I’ve known my science teacher’s dad since I was 5. I used to visit him while he was recovering from surgeries. Hes nice. He said my teacher was ‘a pain in the ass growing up’ xD!

Nick and I talk regularly now, just not really in school. He thinks people would start rumors if we talked a lot in school -.- Oh well.

‘He sees everything black and white. Never let nobody see him cry. I dont let nobody see me wishin he was mine.’ -I’d Lie; Taylor Swift.

That, my friends, is why she won at the VMA’s. Shes the best song writer I know, because her songs are real and deep and personal. Beyonce dancing in spandex isnt really what I’d call ‘VMA material’. Kanye, you better have apologized, because she DID deserve that award.

I hope school gets better-er. Tomorrow I’m going to a football game for my school, and Chels will be there 😀 Ill run to her in slow-mo. Thursday Im going to my schools Welcome Back dance, which will be funnnn :]

Well i shall go, ill update you on how schools going regularly, so keep checkin in :3

Luff ya! -amy

August 31, 2009

Haha theres so much good music out there nowadays, I wanted to clue some of the people who live on the computer and wouldnt know in xD Heres a couple of my recent favorite songs!

I Must Be Dreaming- The Maine

Weightless- All Time Low

Damned If I do Ya- All Time Low

Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls

Bulletproof- La Roux

Fearless-Taylor Swift

Stuttering- The Friday Night Boys

Obsessed- Mariah Carey


Before the Storm-Jonas Brothers feat. Miley Cyrus

Thats all for now, if you want to know more, simply go to my playlist….


Ttfn :]

-amy wuz hurr-

p.s- I got cluster 8C in school, same as Nick -.-, Jesseth, Leigh, Chelsie McF, Justin, Jessie B, Sarah, and…idk, theres more obviously xD

Some things never change <3
August 23, 2009

Love THEM!!!Click it! Its (from left to right) Leigh, Chelsie, and me 😀 I made that for them.

W00t w00t 😀

I spent the night at leighs with chelsie last night. I missed them both so much.

Short and Sweet…
May 4, 2009

I have school so I’ll update this later. Its mostly about me going blind and other junk in my life like being stalked by bipolar people and pretending to be a native american 🙂

Okay, so I found out I’m going nearsighted in my right eye. Which is just wonderful *sarcasm* ugh.

I went to a sleepover, woke up to see a bipolar girl staring straight at me (her names shauna, beware) then she went downstairs and started screaming. That wasnt pleasant.

Then Yanesa came over, she pushed me in a wagon while i waved around a sharpened stick and yelled like an indian. Very awesome.

Heels Over Head ^^
February 17, 2009

Kk back from skool…anywhoooo…

Yesterday we had the day off so tht was fun. I went over my frend jessie’s house while ashley was there. we invited nick over and watched tv til her mom got home.  when her mom did get home, the 4 of us walked to tim hortons and got coffee. THEN we walked to starbucks and got coffee. i was BUZZED. I ran along the freeway with jessie and that was fun. then we went back to jessies and went in her room. me and nick made out laying down on her bed ^^ then we were forced to go to cvs for cookies.

how weird lol. but tht was AWESOME!!!

today was good too. nick came over and gave me my vday gift (a teddybear tht smells like vurt ((his cologne)) ) and i gave him the mints 😀

well im tired. gunna go play keyboard. PEACE!!

~amy wuz hurr~

P.S— Currently obsessed with…

Boys Like Girls (hero/heroine) and eyeliner.


August 27, 2008

zomfg im goin in2 middle skool.


nuff said.


~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

Chicago, myspace, pierced ears…OH MY!
June 19, 2008

omg!! that title so totally says it all!!

ok ill start with… CHICAGO!

im pretty sure i told u already, but im leaving for chicago june 20th. and u should know, thats tomorrow! (if  u didnt kno tht, get a god damn calender) im so excited, i actually finished packing last night. but anyways, ill be gone for…*counts on fingers* like, 4 days er sumthin. well until monday. and im totally excited. im gunna shop, ride the ferris wheel at navy pier, shop, go to the beach, shop, tour chicago, shop, eat chicago food…and oh did i mention SHOP? lol this is gunna be awesome!! my flight leaves at noon. 😀 yay!

next ill talk about…MYSPACE!

ok i kno ive said myspace is for stalkers n stuff but i actually finally got one! its awesome! my page is– http://myspace.com/amy_is_blonde  add me, message me, and all that other cool stuff. you can even see some of my friends frm real life n my pix.


omg! i think ive never told u this but, up until monday, i never ever had pierced ears. but my mom actually let me get my ears pierced at claires. it didnt hurt that bad. i got my birthstones for earrings. i have to leave them in for 6-8 weeks. 😀

well i’ll miss u guys for the 4 days tht ill be gone, but ill be back with a bunch of sweet pictures and videos and stuff to tell u about my trip!

~amy wuz here~

~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

P.S   *things i forgot to mention*

1. i got sum sweet new shoes today, those shoes called ”Red by Marc Ecko” err sumthin, yeah anyways theyre totalleh awesome. i got em at Journeys. I WUV JOURNEYS!

2. ok meketiki/mangos, nikki, faith, and all my other anime-loving friends, u guys officially got me hooked on…INUYASHA!!!!!!! that show is awesome! i finally understand what kagome is and stuff. and i dont get how his ears are dog ears. and faith, u WERE right, he IS hot!!

BYE!! ☺