What I did this week :)
July 10, 2009

Monday– Nothing for the first part of the day, later Yanesa came over and me and her cousins went to Dairy Queen :]

Tuesday– I went to the doctors for a physical, found out I need glasses or contacts. Stupid right eye is nearsighted. Then I finally got the rollerblades I’ve been bugging my mom about for two weeks. Then I went over Jessica’s and we walked to Taco Bell and then back to her house. 

Wednesday-At 9am Jessica and I went rollerblading for some excercise. At 11 we went to visit Nick and talked on his porch (me and him kissed and made out a little :]) while Jessica used my phone to text Alejandro. Then at 11:30am Jessica had to go and I went back home, took a shower, and rested a while until Yanesa, Hanna, Jordan, and Gabby came over. Fun fun.

Thursday- Jessica couldnt go rollerblading so I woke up at 9 for nothing. I talked to Nick until like 2 then I watched the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Then Yanesa, Brenden, and Blake came over. We hung out and then it was just me and the twins.

Thats what I did this week 🙂

Chelsie is in the hospital because supposedly her aunt put rat poison in her food and now she can’t keep any food down. She hasn’t eaten for a week 😥 I’m worried about her. Shes also grounded in the hospital because at her birthday party she had a cake fight…I think her parents hate her.

Anywhooo…Life is good :]

Luff yew, buh bye.