I was grounded…
July 22, 2008

hola ppl!! srry i havent been on the computer 4 like ever. my dad grounded me frmthe computer becuz he found out i was going on myspace…tehe. but i still have my fone tht gets internet. well rite now im on the comp @ jessica A.’s house. well anyways im havin an awesome summer n i hope u guys r too. well not really…tehe jk. chicago was awesome i had the best time EVA! n im goin out wit blake (sanity) again lol.

well i should probably end this be4 jessica gets pissed off…and she took my phone. dammit…

~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥


Chicago, myspace, pierced ears…OH MY!
June 19, 2008

omg!! that title so totally says it all!!

ok ill start with… CHICAGO!

im pretty sure i told u already, but im leaving for chicago june 20th. and u should know, thats tomorrow! (if  u didnt kno tht, get a god damn calender) im so excited, i actually finished packing last night. but anyways, ill be gone for…*counts on fingers* like, 4 days er sumthin. well until monday. and im totally excited. im gunna shop, ride the ferris wheel at navy pier, shop, go to the beach, shop, tour chicago, shop, eat chicago food…and oh did i mention SHOP? lol this is gunna be awesome!! my flight leaves at noon. 😀 yay!

next ill talk about…MYSPACE!

ok i kno ive said myspace is for stalkers n stuff but i actually finally got one! its awesome! my page is– http://myspace.com/amy_is_blonde  add me, message me, and all that other cool stuff. you can even see some of my friends frm real life n my pix.


omg! i think ive never told u this but, up until monday, i never ever had pierced ears. but my mom actually let me get my ears pierced at claires. it didnt hurt that bad. i got my birthstones for earrings. i have to leave them in for 6-8 weeks. 😀

well i’ll miss u guys for the 4 days tht ill be gone, but ill be back with a bunch of sweet pictures and videos and stuff to tell u about my trip!

~amy wuz here~

~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

P.S   *things i forgot to mention*

1. i got sum sweet new shoes today, those shoes called ”Red by Marc Ecko” err sumthin, yeah anyways theyre totalleh awesome. i got em at Journeys. I WUV JOURNEYS!

2. ok meketiki/mangos, nikki, faith, and all my other anime-loving friends, u guys officially got me hooked on…INUYASHA!!!!!!! that show is awesome! i finally understand what kagome is and stuff. and i dont get how his ears are dog ears. and faith, u WERE right, he IS hot!!

BYE!! ☺

Wadles is evil
April 24, 2008

Ello people of earth who have computers!!!! wadles ish a very bad person for not updating my site and making me update it by myself from my phone. Grr.anyways, im on my comp now and incase u havent already figured it out…

 IM BACK!!!!!!

anyways, my comp has been fixed since forever, but i kinda like quit for a while. i needed a break. and now im better. so hi. anyways, im not gunna be going on here regularly like i used to. ill be visiting maybe once or twice a week, just to check up on you ppl, my army of little cloned bunnehs.

so be happy. just wanted 2 say i missed u all like peanut butter misses jelly. like kids miss summer. like gary misses playboy. like armando misses being gay. ok im done. well ummm… i have a mission for u.


my site has been really dead since i havent been posting regularly. so start visiting here EVERYDAY!!!! i promise tht i will post more and update u on the totally fantabulous details of my ever-so gossipy life. so…

I’m going out with eric. hes so totally sweet & awesome. we hang out alot and see eachother all the time. it roxxxxx. and my mom is calling the ”ortho” (orthodontist) on monday. im gunna get braces soon. which means no more bubblegum 😥 . oh well. and in 2 months im goin to chicago. and lansing. if any of yall live in chicago, lemme know so we can plan to meet er sumthin. tht would be bombin’ (my word).

anyways i should end this totally long post now cuz im sure ur eyes are getting tired. if their not, oh well. read sum other stuff on my site.

so remember, come here often and advertise.

~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀

~amy wuz here~