</3 Last day of Summer. Tribute.
September 8, 2009

I stare out into the horizon as the waves break against the shore. As if in a rush, it ends. The innocence. The love. The fun. The freedom. Gone, like a breeze. Sand in our hands, hard to hold onto, slipping through our fingers slowly. The wind breaks across my face as realization kicks in. We can’t hold onto anything anymore, nothing. Not the innocence. The love. The fun. The freedom. Nothing.

Thats my poem about summer ending, sad huh? Well yeah. Chelsie actually started school today. Im so worried about her right now its not even funny. If shes not okay, ill like freak out. Hm.

Well…Hmm. I guess that about it. The last day of summer. To end the suckiest of summers, its raining. The first day of summer it was raining too. A sign? I hope not.



My first day back to hell-o (skool)
January 7, 2008

kk, well, today i woke up at 7am and i was tired, so then i got dressed in my new black outfit and i brushed my hair, i brushed my teeth, went on chewitts for 15 min. and left for skool.

when i got to skool, i saw lillian, and she said hi, and we started talking about random things, she said her comp. is gunna get internet connection in 2 weeks so we can email n stuff, thts gunna be fun , me, lillian, and yanesa. weve been BFFs since 1st grade. ask anyone.

then i went to my safety post (6th grade doors), and eric came 5 min later, hes always late. we talked (barely) and i told him he looked like he was dying , cuz he was coughing like crazy and he looked really sick. then after the bell rang, i went down to the gym bathroom, like i do every morning to fix my hair and get a drink. then chelsie and leigh came, we talked a little and leigh made a funny face, and chelsie said she liked my outfit, then we went to class, chelsie is in mrs. hamels class, me and leigh are in mrs. siringas, so when i walked into class, i saw my backpack was on the floor, and i knew tht could only mean one thing, gary was there.

  so i  said hi, he said ‘hi bi***’ then he started talking about football and how he dislocated his knee er sumthing, i wasnt really listening, i was just staring out the window, as usual. then we talked a while and armando switched seats, so i was like YAY, so now i dont have to put up with his crap. (he kept poking me in my back with a pencil, and everytime he did, it hit my bra, i wanted to slap him, but i knew id just get in trubble) then the teacher assigned math, and i finished it like an hour later. *eats piece of watermelon* then me and gary talked more, and then we had computer class, that was boring, we had a substitute and her voice sounded like she just swallowed a bug. then when we got to class, the teacher called for bathroom breaks, (bathroom breaks for my class are weird cuz no one actually uses the bathroom, we just go there and talk annd crap, sumtimes we try to climb the walls but thts a different story) so there, me and allison talked about our wordpress a little, she talked about Stick Figures on crack 3, (shes obsessed with tht video). then we went back to class and did reading, then me and gary talked MORE. then it was time for lunch, there was bean and beef burrito, it was nasty, i took little nibbles of it, then jessica, gary and ryan fought more, and then when we got back to class, gary put his leg on his desk, i pushed it off, he put it on i pushed it off, he put it on, i pushed it off. well, anfter tht hasppened 10 times, he put both legs on and sat on it, then i got mad and lost my balance, i didnt mean to slap him *wink wink* in the cheek (and the eye, with my nails) and hes like OW bit…(idk why he didnt say biotch, he just said bit) then we talked, and i wrote stuff in my notebook, and so did he, so it was like a written conversation. idk y, its much easier to tell ppl stuff when u write it, it sounds better and less-mean. then i turned around fast and it felt like sumone was pulling my hair, when it was armando, and then he said ‘ur hair is soft’ and im like ‘WTF’ , so yea, armando is psycho, he scares me. then we had science, when the teacher said ‘ok 5th grader, partner with a 6th grader’ (im in a 5th-6th split) robbie automatically turned to me and did the ‘You and me?’ signal and i nodded my head. and he started talking really loud saying ‘i got partnered with amy, oh yea, wut now ppl’ (that freaked me out a little) so i borught my chair over there and we started talking and i looked over toward gary, and i saw tht he was staring at me(i think, not exactly sure, but im pretty sure tho), i was thinking: ummmmm….. wtf…, and then when science was over, we had to go to art

 in the halls walking to art, allison caught up to me and said ‘ hey is it alright if i switch seats with gary’ and i said, ‘ well, idk, if u do, ull have to sit next to harley, but on the bright side, we could plan stuff for our blog ( http://allison123emo.wordpress.com ) , then apparently she told gary what i said (allison if ur reading this, i hate u for tht, cuz now he thinks i like him) so at art, gary said emo allison told him how i didnt wan thim to switch seats, i was like: UGH no, its just, if u move i wont laff anymore. he said: well, ill be over there and i can still do funny stuff cuz im a funny guy… That was kinda strange but o well. so anyways, after art, it was time for recess

recess was kinda boring, i played tag (do u know how hard it is to run in flats that are too small??!!??) allison talked about stick figs on crack 3 ((again)), and then thebell rang so i went to my post, then it was kinda quiet. then when i left safety-ing, i walked home with jessica and leigh. my feet really hurt from the flats so i asked if i could take em off and jessie said yea, so i did and the ground was cold. very cold for 60 degrees or w/e.


~ im ur girl, except on fridays, then im cody’s girl 😀