Nowhere but up ^.^
September 16, 2009

First things first. New pictures up! Check it outt.

Okay, so schools getting a bit better. I like my Science teacher and my Social Studies teacher. Actually, I found out that I’ve known my science teacher’s dad since I was 5. I used to visit him while he was recovering from surgeries. Hes nice. He said my teacher was ‘a pain in the ass growing up’ xD!

Nick and I talk regularly now, just not really in school. He thinks people would start rumors if we talked a lot in school -.- Oh well.

‘He sees everything black and white. Never let nobody see him cry. I dont let nobody see me wishin he was mine.’ -I’d Lie; Taylor Swift.

That, my friends, is why she won at the VMA’s. Shes the best song writer I know, because her songs are real and deep and personal. Beyonce dancing in spandex isnt really what I’d call ‘VMA material’. Kanye, you better have apologized, because she DID deserve that award.

I hope school gets better-er. Tomorrow I’m going to a football game for my school, and Chels will be there 😀 Ill run to her in slow-mo. Thursday Im going to my schools Welcome Back dance, which will be funnnn :]

Well i shall go, ill update you on how schools going regularly, so keep checkin in :3

Luff ya! -amy


September 1, 2009

WAHH!!!! Yes, its that time of year once again. September 1st. Basically the end of the summer. This saddens me deeply and I’m sure it saddens you.

Sure, this summer SUCKED ASS but still, it was summer none the less. I still had a great time with my friends. Inside jokes and all nighters and crazy pool noodle wars and barfing from all the carnival food and upside down rides. I guess the good outweighed the bad in some ways.

Anyways, I’m still super excited about going into EIGHTH GRADE!!! W00t!!

Can you believe it? It seems like I started this blog a week ago, not two years. Ive matured in many ways since I’ve been on here, and its just weird to think about it. After this year, I’ll be in high school. 4 years after that, I’ll be in college. And I STILL have no idea what im gunna do with my life…Oh god.


IM BRITISH!!!! I learned this yesterday!! My dad told me. I asked what nationalities I am, he said I’m  Polish, British, Dutch, German, and Hungarian. That explains my last name, which is quite british xD I feel fancy with my superior british self :]]

Soooo….Thats pretty much it. Nick and I are desperately trying to remain friends, and itd be going quite well except for the fact that nick’s new girlfriend Sam, well, hates my guts and the ground I walk on xDDDD She thinks Im trying to steal back her man xD (excuse me, by the popular vote, he still is my man. No one I know likes Sam ^_^…MINE!!!) Sooo we have to sneak around and stuff. Like for now we only talk on the computer and late at night :] Romantic isnt it xDDD?

Well I gtg for now, Im gunna get my hair cut. Suggestions :]? Luff yew all.

-Amy was here-

Stuck in a comfortable pattern…Eh.
August 20, 2009

Im pretty much over the whole breakup issue, like it doesnt bother me anymore, I’m just not over him, like I cant stop thinking about him. I’ll get over it eventually though…always do -sigh-.

My life is getting boring, my friends feel that Im sane and emotionally stable enough to be left alone by now. So thats what theyre doing -_-. Theyre moving on with their busy lives while I sit at home, waiting for something interesting to happen.

I cant wait for school. Thats what I need in my life, a routine that keeps me occupied, not stuck in my room listening to music all day. School for me starts September 9th. Yay :] 3 weeks exactly.

I kinda want to join track in 8th grade, for like a hobby. A lot of my friends were in track in 7th grade, and I went to all of the at-home meets because Nick was on the team, and it looked like fun. Plus, Im kinda fast :] and my family will get off my back about playing sports.

Well I’m bored…Lets do a profile thingy xD

Time- 9:28pm EST on Aug 19th.

Eating- Nothing, well…air.

Drinking- Nothing.

Listening to- My Paper Heart- All American Rejects

Wearing- Blue tee shirt, Adidas shorts.

Feeling- Bored, exhausted, content.

Loving- Nick kinda, and my friends :] oh, and music.

Hating-Hmm…Nothing I can think of atm.

Wanting- Someone to text/IM/call/fall in love with -sheepish grin-, something to drink.

-Amy |:D|

P.S- Right after I typed the ‘wanting’ thing, someone texted me xD Nick best friend, Jesseth.  That was cool 😀

P.S.S- NOW NICKS IMING ME AND HE HASNT EVEN TALKED TO ME IN 2 WEEKS!!! WTH!!!!!! -tries to slow pounding heart-