Stay young <3
October 9, 2009

“Being able to act like a tard with you means the world to me”

I love my friends. Love them to death. I cant believe how fast time is going, its so freaky and insane. I love life right now, even though Nick is being a very confused young boy. I dont really care right now, because life goes by too fast to take it slow. Im so sentimental and Im so overwhelmed.

Having a slight identity crisis, like I feel the need to dye my hair different colors and just change, which is probably normal. But it’ll pass. When I go back in a couple months and read through my archives, I’ll be fine. Who knows, so much will have changed by then probably.

10.10.08, first day Nick and I went out the first time.

10.17.08 first time i broke up with him

12.16.08 we went out the second time, and i fell in utter and complete love.

It will be exactly a year since we went out the first time this coming Saturday.

So much has changed… 

I remember the first time I layed eyes on him ever in fifth grade. He was the new kid sitting at lunch playing his Gameboy, isolating himself from the world. I thought “Loser”. Too bad I didnt know that so-called loser would be the love of my life today who I kissed and he cheated on me and broke my heart.

So sad.

“and the people in the photographs look happier than you are…”

We all Roll Along- The Maine


Updates on…EVERYTHING -insert theme music here-
July 28, 2009

Okay I shall now update you on every single solitary aspect of my 13 year old life.

ME- I’m doing pretty good. Just got done scratching my arm *crowd stares in total amazement* I woke up about an hour ago. Woke up originally at 9 to go rollerblade with jessica but her back hurts so were going to change that to tomoro.

Nick- Nick’s dad just came back after 3 weeks of being on the road for work, idk how he feels about that though. His phone is kind of messed up at the moment because he geniusly texted right when he got out of the shower and his hands were wet.

Blake (sanity)- Blake had knee surgery a while ago, and recently he fell at Target because someone decided to paint the ground and he slipped on his krutches. Wth? So we are planning to sue target in the near future (I called all the converse stuff :])

Chelsie- Her lice is gone (finally) and she’s “taking a break” from her man, Jesseth, for a while. We might go to our city’s festival together 😀

Yanesa- Yanesa has been good. She spent the night on the 17th and we talked for the whole night. She also “took a break” from her man, Antoine.

Me playing keyboard- I’ve learned these songs: For Elise, Right Here Waiting for You, Welcome to the Black Parade, the intro to It Ends Tonight. I’m doing good :]

School- As far as I know, school starts september 9th. Still not sure what cluster I’m in though. Can’t wait for 8th grade.

Thats pretty much it I think lol. If I think of more, I’ll edit this later.

What I did this week :)
July 10, 2009

Monday– Nothing for the first part of the day, later Yanesa came over and me and her cousins went to Dairy Queen :]

Tuesday– I went to the doctors for a physical, found out I need glasses or contacts. Stupid right eye is nearsighted. Then I finally got the rollerblades I’ve been bugging my mom about for two weeks. Then I went over Jessica’s and we walked to Taco Bell and then back to her house. 

Wednesday-At 9am Jessica and I went rollerblading for some excercise. At 11 we went to visit Nick and talked on his porch (me and him kissed and made out a little :]) while Jessica used my phone to text Alejandro. Then at 11:30am Jessica had to go and I went back home, took a shower, and rested a while until Yanesa, Hanna, Jordan, and Gabby came over. Fun fun.

Thursday- Jessica couldnt go rollerblading so I woke up at 9 for nothing. I talked to Nick until like 2 then I watched the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Then Yanesa, Brenden, and Blake came over. We hung out and then it was just me and the twins.

Thats what I did this week 🙂

Chelsie is in the hospital because supposedly her aunt put rat poison in her food and now she can’t keep any food down. She hasn’t eaten for a week 😥 I’m worried about her. Shes also grounded in the hospital because at her birthday party she had a cake fight…I think her parents hate her.

Anywhooo…Life is good :]

Luff yew, buh bye.


Love ish in teh air ^^
February 11, 2009

 Love is in the air…that and pollution, greenhouse gases, CO2…

Anywhoooo…Valentine’s day ish Saturday 😀 my valentine is Nick (duhhh) and he said he got me a bear ^^ I shall name it Nick…or Pedro…

According to the “guru of love and all that is T.I” (Jessica) I’m not supposed to get Nick anything for Valentine’s day, that’s what Sweetest Day is for. Well, as usual,  I ignored her and got Nick THE MOST unromantic, retarded gift in the history of Valentines Day…

A pack of mints in a guitar shaped tin from Hot Topic that says “music=life”


But yeah, cant wait to see his face when I give it to him 😀


YESTERDAY…I went to the mall ^^ I gotted lots of stuffs. Some of the stuffs i gotted are…White skinny jeans (from AE :D), yellow tank top (579), black vest (579), fedora hat (claires), rainbow studded belt (claires), twilight shirt (Hot Topic), pink hair extensions (Hot Topic) and more…but im too lazy to type the rest…

AND…Im gunna be in the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) but first I hav to complete my “About Me” thingamabobber, do 10 hrs. of community service, and get my mommy to sign a paper. Its gunna be the shizz, Im finally gunna make something of my life ^^

~amy wuz hurr~

P.S- okay gosh…you can stop laughing about the mints now -_- lol jk.

I was grounded…
July 22, 2008

hola ppl!! srry i havent been on the computer 4 like ever. my dad grounded me frmthe computer becuz he found out i was going on myspace…tehe. but i still have my fone tht gets internet. well rite now im on the comp @ jessica A.’s house. well anyways im havin an awesome summer n i hope u guys r too. well not really…tehe jk. chicago was awesome i had the best time EVA! n im goin out wit blake (sanity) again lol.

well i should probably end this be4 jessica gets pissed off…and she took my phone. dammit…

~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥