Mid-Summer ’10… can you believe it?
July 27, 2010

Ooh, my stomach hurts, hang on..okay I’m fine..

Okay so its nearing the end of July, and July has been decent, but I really think June was better, it seems like I got a lot more accomplished lol.

In July I had some relationship drama with Nick, and he liked this one girl and he had to chose between her and me, and in the end he chose me. I’m glad, because that chick was such a whiny b!tch. Hopefully we’ll never hear from her again.

Last weekend I went to my aunt’s cottage near Lake Huron/Saginaw Bay, it was really fun. I drove a boat, went tubing, spent A LOT of time at the beach, souvenir shopping, etc. I would love to go again, and maybe bring a friend next time.

In other news..

Mark and Michelle’s baby is due in less than a month now! I’m so excited. I had this crazy dream where it was a baby boy and they named him Poncho. They decided not to find out the sex of the baby, but I really hope its a baby girl. Girls would be easier for me to relate to, since well..I am one xD

Ohh, and Nick got a puppy! Its a beagle puppy named Rascal and he’s so cute and tiny and I love him (: I played with him all day yesterday and I’m gunna see him again today when I go with Nick and his mom to take Rascal to the vet. I hope he’s okay because he’s been getting sick a lot, but doesn’t have diarrhea. He was the runt so he’s already pretty tiny.  I ❤ Rascal 😀

Well I’m gunna go make lunch. Love you guys! (:

Oh, and I don’t like Justin Bieber. Sorry.


October 1, 2008

ok, if any of u pay attention, last saturday, the 27th, was my big brother Mark’s wedding. it was SOOOOOO AWESOME.  Michelle’s (his wife) dress was so pretty. i only almost-cried like twice.  

the rehearsal dinner was at this really fancy *cough expensive cough* banquet center up in troy. i actually got to witness some of my brother’s cool *cough creepy cough* dancing skills. HE DID THRILLER *shudders*. i got it on video, and i was gunna put it on youtube, but it was too dark, u cant really c anything. All in all, it was a beautiful wedding & something ill remember for the rest of my life 😀

*talks like news reporter* *clears throat* in other news…

ITS CHROMATIC!! yes, the new ipod nano. a bunch of rainbow-ey colors. i kinda like the orange one. and green. and yellow. and purple. and blue… anyways heres a coolio picture i made of them.


yup. ITS PRETTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

so thats probably the numero uno thing on my christmas list.

kk i gtg, its time for SKOOL!!! 


~amy wuz here~