Gots some shexy specs :]
July 22, 2009

Chhyeaaaa I got my glasses. Currently wearing them. Heres what people are saying:

“You look smarter”-Adam (brother)

“You look sophisticated”-Paul (mom’s friend)

“They look good on you”-Nick (boyfriend, duh)

“I wish you got Urkel glasses”-Yanesa (bestie)

“Nerd.” -Blake (we unfortunately all know who blake is, but for those who don’t, hes my best friend aka Sanity)

So most people like them lol. I can see…

-mystified voice- Everythings so clear now…

Well I’ll probably post again like Friday





Happy Birthday!!
July 20, 2009

Okay heres a shout out to mi madre ferr her birthday! not allowed to say how old she is though xD



Karma :D
October 7, 2008

ok this post is kinda about karma. for those of u who dont kno wut the heck tht is, heres a definition.

Karma: a positive or negative thing that happens to u when u do sumthin bad or good

Ex. helped a neighbor mow the lawn- found 5$

screamed at mom= fell down the stairs

 i did SOO many good things last week…

(some of my good deeds…

helped my mom with everything since she had surgery

was nice to a girl at my church

helped my dad go grocery shopping

didnt scream at my mom for one whole day)

…so my karma was like up the chart, so all THESE things happened:

got student of the month,

got all A’s on my progress report


I GOT AN ORANGE IPOD NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i had been saving up for one, and since i only needed 50$ more, my dad gave it to me. we went to best buy last saturday and i picked out the orange one (the exact one in the pic in the post WEDDING) but since my lazy butt bro hasnt helped meput music in it yet, all i can do is stare at it and mess around with the alarms n stuff.


well im tired, we hav the day off skool today so… YAY! more karma lol.

~amy wuz here~

P.S yeah my mom had foot surgery on the 2nd. plz pray 4 her. 😀

I feel loved…
May 11, 2008

ok first off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

secondly, i had nursery duty @ church today, thats where u get to sit in a little playroom and watch a bunch of little people (babies-3 yr olds). it was fun cuz my little buddy Isaac, hes 2, was there. when his mom dropped him off, he flipped out, and started crying. luckily none of the kids throw major temper tantrums and throw stuff at me. well, Isaiah did, but he moved to minnesota so… oh well. but anyways, isaac was there and hes awesome cuz he can only say my name and like no one elses. ok i bet ur wondering ‘how does one person handle like a bunch of little kids?’ well FYI i wasnt the only one there. kate, robin and Mrs….idk but she was there. anyways, me and kate were watching isaac. and he was saying ”emeh” (my name in baby talk, pronounched eh-meh) like a bajillion times. heres the dialogue.

Me: Isaac!

Isaac: Emeh!!!

Me: Isaac!

Isaac: Emeh!!

*this goes on for about 2 minutes*

Kate: Isaac, can you say ”kate”?

Isaac: Eh.

Kate: *enunciating* say KAY-t

Isaac: Uh.

Me: Let me try. Isaac, say amy!

Isaac: Emeh!!

Me: *points to his cousin, who is also 2, his name is matt* Isaac whos that?

Isaac: Mah.

Me: *mimmicking* Mah.

Isaac: Mah.

Me: Mah.

Isaac: Mah.

Me: Isaac!

Isaac: Emeh!


see? little people love me. plus remember how i said at the beginning he started crying, well, i got him to calm down. im so peaceful. im awesome like tht.

 well…jessie is goin out with gary now (not like i care) and they seem like a happy couple. lol. 🙄  ive been goin out with eric ( ♥ ) for a little over a month. thts pretty sweet. except for one thing. see, when a guy and a girl go out, they usually kiss after, what, 1 week, 2 weeks tops? well like i said, me and eric have been together for a month, and weve only hugged. once. i asked him last week if he wanted to, and he just shrugged his shoulders. my frends arent helping much. they try to push us (literally) together. tht doesnt work. but anyways, i heard hes never kissed a girl be4. he said its true, so that may be part of the reason. i also dont get it cuz right when he told me he liked me, we were crouched behind my dads car. and he was like totally up for kissing then. he was all like ”so do i kiss u er do u wanna kiss me?” i said we should go out for a couple weeks then kiss. he said deal. well its been 4 weeks. MAKE UP UR MIND!!!! lol anyways, does anyone have any advice? i need it.

hmmm…whats goin on tmrrow… graduation. well not actual graduation, were getting a graduation picture. we gotta wear a cap & gown & get our pic tooked. its just the 6th grade. sheesh.

saturday i get to go to a protest. fun fun fun. i guess its a protest about war n stuff. ill wear my hippie belt. and shirt. should i wear the one with the monkey tht says ”love, peace, best friends” or the glittery hand thts makin the peace thingy with its fingers? your opinion matters!!!

hey tht reminds me!!! do u guys wanna see a pic of my mom protesting? its on the internet.

its the pic in the right-hand column labeled 4,073 er sumthin. but anyways shes the brunette one, the taller one. but in real life, im almost as tall as her. i think im AS tall as her. her frend is jan. shes short. im taller thn her. why is everyone so short?!!?! gawsh. enjoy the pic of my mom.

~amy was here~