Gots some shexy specs :]
July 22, 2009

Chhyeaaaa I got my glasses. Currently wearing them. Heres what people are saying:

“You look smarter”-Adam (brother)

“You look sophisticated”-Paul (mom’s friend)

“They look good on you”-Nick (boyfriend, duh)

“I wish you got Urkel glasses”-Yanesa (bestie)

“Nerd.” -Blake (we unfortunately all know who blake is, but for those who don’t, hes my best friend aka Sanity)

So most people like them lol. I can see…

-mystified voice- Everythings so clear now…

Well I’ll probably post again like Friday





What I did THIS week :]]
July 16, 2009

Okay…this week was jam packed with a bunch of stuff lolz.

Saturday– Went to the mall with jenna and nicole, I got skinnies from Pac Sun and 2 cool shirts.

Sunday– Went to church in the morning then a bonfire in the evening. Fun fun.

Monday– Monday…did nothing in the morning, but at like 3, Yanesa came over, following her were Hanna and Jordan (theyre twins FYI, they stick together xD) and I played with my satanic teddy bear. Nick ended up coming over too, then following him were Brenden, Blake, Craig, and Travis. Yanesa and H&J fled to the backyard, leaving me to fend for myself with the pack of guys. I eventually got them to leave, and then everyone was in the front.

Tuesday-Went for an eye exam 😦 I’m nearsighted in both eyes actually but my right eye is really bad, my left eye isn’t too bad. I picked out some purple glasses 🙂

candies_c_kristinaMy glasses ^^

Snazzy huh? x]

Wednesday– Had an ortho appointment, got my braces colors changed to pink 🙂 Yanesa came over later, and we had a whipped cream/hose fight 🙂 very fun.

ThursdayToday is mine and Nicks 7 month anniversay, so he’s supposed to come over. Of course we’ll have nothing to do, but its nice to see him anyways.

Friday– Supposedly Yanesa is spending the night/I’m spending the night there, so that will be funnn.

In other news…


I uploaded five videos. One has a satanic teddy bear, one has chelsie playing with helium, one has me playing with helium, another is of Relay For Life, another is me playing keyboard.

Chelsie updateShe got out of the hospital, but her life sucks these days dude, she fainted a couple days ago and had to go back to the doctors. Idk what they found, didn’t ask her. She also found out she has lice, because she shared her hairbrush with everyone at her birthday party which I couldn’t go to (kinda glad I didn’t now.) Now she can’t go to her boyfriend’s birthday party, who she hasn’t seen in like a month. I feel so bad for her.  

Sooo…I’ll talk to you laterrr. Buh bye 🙂


P.S- Have an account on ? So do I! The only website I’m “allowed” to go on. Anyways, my account name is Fuzzypanda96 (don’t ask xD). If you add me as a friend, mention this site in the request and I’ll give you a superstar gift 🙂 See how nice I am xD?

Short and Sweet…
May 4, 2009

I have school so I’ll update this later. Its mostly about me going blind and other junk in my life like being stalked by bipolar people and pretending to be a native american 🙂

Okay, so I found out I’m going nearsighted in my right eye. Which is just wonderful *sarcasm* ugh.

I went to a sleepover, woke up to see a bipolar girl staring straight at me (her names shauna, beware) then she went downstairs and started screaming. That wasnt pleasant.

Then Yanesa came over, she pushed me in a wagon while i waved around a sharpened stick and yelled like an indian. Very awesome.