Spoiler Alert! The Twilight Saga: New Moon!
November 21, 2009

I went to see New Moon on opening night with my two best friends. Chels’s aunt rocks my rocks for getting us all advanced tickets.

Okay so about 5 people from school were there, and two teachers o.o

Right when the movie started, like just when it said ‘new moon’ on the screen, me and everyone in the theater screamed 😀

I cried twice, once when Edward left and Bella was wandering the forest calling his named, and another time when she went to Italy and saw him and ran into his arms.

Every single girl SCREAMED when Jacob took off his shirt to put on Bella’s head. He is SOOO SEXY! Like I was freaking out and hyper-ventilating.

Bella and Jacob ALMOST kissed like 3 times in the entire movie, which pissed me off, because hes mine. ALL MINE.

There’s lots of action in the movie. They added some things that weren’t in the book, such as Bella getting on the creepy guy’s motorcycle, and Bella continually emailing Alice at a wrong email address.

I also liked the fight between Edward and the Volturi, and Jacob vs. Paul, hot hot :3

The ending pissed me off though, because Edward was like ‘One condition…marry me.’ then Bella gasped, and the screen went black. I’m like WTH!!!!!! Then I threw things at the screen xD

Well that was my New Moon spoiler, hope you enjoyed it. All in all, it was an amazing movie; the new director didn’t disappoint. Guys will love it too, because there’s perverted humor and action xD



P.S- I think I’m Team Jacob now ❤


September 1, 2009

WAHH!!!! Yes, its that time of year once again. September 1st. Basically the end of the summer. This saddens me deeply and I’m sure it saddens you.

Sure, this summer SUCKED ASS but still, it was summer none the less. I still had a great time with my friends. Inside jokes and all nighters and crazy pool noodle wars and barfing from all the carnival food and upside down rides. I guess the good outweighed the bad in some ways.

Anyways, I’m still super excited about going into EIGHTH GRADE!!! W00t!!

Can you believe it? It seems like I started this blog a week ago, not two years. Ive matured in many ways since I’ve been on here, and its just weird to think about it. After this year, I’ll be in high school. 4 years after that, I’ll be in college. And I STILL have no idea what im gunna do with my life…Oh god.


IM BRITISH!!!! I learned this yesterday!! My dad told me. I asked what nationalities I am, he said I’m  Polish, British, Dutch, German, and Hungarian. That explains my last name, which is quite british xD I feel fancy with my superior british self :]]

Soooo….Thats pretty much it. Nick and I are desperately trying to remain friends, and itd be going quite well except for the fact that nick’s new girlfriend Sam, well, hates my guts and the ground I walk on xDDDD She thinks Im trying to steal back her man xD (excuse me, by the popular vote, he still is my man. No one I know likes Sam ^_^…MINE!!!) Sooo we have to sneak around and stuff. Like for now we only talk on the computer and late at night :] Romantic isnt it xDDD?

Well I gtg for now, Im gunna get my hair cut. Suggestions :]? Luff yew all.

-Amy was here-

Taylor Lautner= SEXY!!!!!
August 12, 2009

Hes sooooo hottt. Especially at the Teen Choice Awards. Yours truly decided to put a picture of him on here for you to drool over :]]


No need to thank me…*drool drool*