Spoiler Alert! The Twilight Saga: New Moon!
November 21, 2009

I went to see New Moon on opening night with my two best friends. Chels’s aunt rocks my rocks for getting us all advanced tickets.

Okay so about 5 people from school were there, and two teachers o.o

Right when the movie started, like just when it said ‘new moon’ on the screen, me and everyone in the theater screamed 😀

I cried twice, once when Edward left and Bella was wandering the forest calling his named, and another time when she went to Italy and saw him and ran into his arms.

Every single girl SCREAMED when Jacob took off his shirt to put on Bella’s head. He is SOOO SEXY! Like I was freaking out and hyper-ventilating.

Bella and Jacob ALMOST kissed like 3 times in the entire movie, which pissed me off, because hes mine. ALL MINE.

There’s lots of action in the movie. They added some things that weren’t in the book, such as Bella getting on the creepy guy’s motorcycle, and Bella continually emailing Alice at a wrong email address.

I also liked the fight between Edward and the Volturi, and Jacob vs. Paul, hot hot :3

The ending pissed me off though, because Edward was like ‘One condition…marry me.’ then Bella gasped, and the screen went black. I’m like WTH!!!!!! Then I threw things at the screen xD

Well that was my New Moon spoiler, hope you enjoyed it. All in all, it was an amazing movie; the new director didn’t disappoint. Guys will love it too, because there’s perverted humor and action xD



P.S- I think I’m Team Jacob now ❤


Its that time of year again…
September 26, 2009

Im sick. Again. I never fail to get sick every single fall. Seriously. Right now my head hurts, my nose is stuffy, and my throat hurts.

Im chewing gum, and it sort of helps. Stupid fucking oranges and vitamins didnt even fucking help. I literally ate an orange, drank that Airborne shit thats supposed to help your immune system, took sooo many vitamins and i STILL got sick!! Tell me how the fuck that works. Its unfair, very very very unfair.

No, I dont have the swine flu.

Anyways, Nick and I aren’t really making progress. Its not looking good.

“Its the same old story, everyone knows. One heart holding on, one letting go.”

-sniffs- I should reread the Twilight saga tomoro, since Im not going anywhere. I wanted to do a bunch of stuff this weekend too. UGHHH!!!

In other news…

I signed up to be on the ‘Dragon Report’ (my schools news broadcast thing). I still have to audition next Thursday. Im excitedddd 😀

Ill be on NJHS this year again 😀 Yayyy!

-cough- Well Im exhausted. Goodnight.


Taylor Lautner= SEXY!!!!!
August 12, 2009

Hes sooooo hottt. Especially at the Teen Choice Awards. Yours truly decided to put a picture of him on here for you to drool over :]]


No need to thank me…*drool drool*

*pokes* I’m sorry :'(
July 2, 2009

I’m very sorry I havent posted in forever, I’ve been busy doing absolutely nothing.

Summer has been boring, I miss my best friend Chelsie, and I miss Nick. School is way better than this lol.

Yesterday was my dads birthday. Him, my aunt, and I went to dinner. Then we went to her house and played a very long game of Uno, so long that no one won, we just kinda gave up. Then we had some of the cake I baked for my dad, it was yummy ^^

Still obsessed with Twilight of course, can’t wait for New Moon to come out 😀

The most recent movies I’ve seen are Gran Torino and Transformers 2. Transformers was awesome (duh) definitely worth seeing. Gran Torino was good too, suprise ending 😆

Michael Jackson died, and I’m kind of on the fence with that. I liked his music, but there was the whole child molestor thing.

Kevin Jonas got engaged, and even though every stereotypically “normal” teenage girl is devasted, I really don’t care.

Well,I’ll attempt to post more, but if I don’t, please don’t shoot me :]