(: Happy February
February 2, 2010

Herlo (:

I can’t believe its already February. What about you? Craziness..

It’s February 1st, therefore Nick and I have been together a month now (: He asked me out at midnight on New Year’s. Did I mention that? I think I did. I dunno lol.

Chelsie, Leigh, and I hung out on Friday. We went to a coney island and Chels stole all the jelly from our table. Then she threw the packets at cars. It hit this one lady’s car and she got MAD. She threatened to jump Chels lmfaoo. Good times!

Then we had to drop Chels off at the elementary school a few blocks over since her grandma didn’t know how to get to Leigh’s. Leigh and I stayed at the playground for almost an hour.

 I called Nick and told him I didn’t feel safe, being alone like that at a playground at night. He actually came (: it was so nice.

Anyways, hopefully February will be good. I started Gym and Science extension today. I hope I don’t get raped in Gym class by the creepy teacher that Brandie is supposed to protect me from xDD

Nick’s best friend Nina switched from 7th to 8th grade. I hope she doesn’t cause problems for our relationship..





Love ish in teh air ^^
February 11, 2009

 Love is in the air…that and pollution, greenhouse gases, CO2…

Anywhoooo…Valentine’s day ish Saturday 😀 my valentine is Nick (duhhh) and he said he got me a bear ^^ I shall name it Nick…or Pedro…

According to the “guru of love and all that is T.I” (Jessica) I’m not supposed to get Nick anything for Valentine’s day, that’s what Sweetest Day is for. Well, as usual,  I ignored her and got Nick THE MOST unromantic, retarded gift in the history of Valentines Day…

A pack of mints in a guitar shaped tin from Hot Topic that says “music=life”


But yeah, cant wait to see his face when I give it to him 😀


YESTERDAY…I went to the mall ^^ I gotted lots of stuffs. Some of the stuffs i gotted are…White skinny jeans (from AE :D), yellow tank top (579), black vest (579), fedora hat (claires), rainbow studded belt (claires), twilight shirt (Hot Topic), pink hair extensions (Hot Topic) and more…but im too lazy to type the rest…

AND…Im gunna be in the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) but first I hav to complete my “About Me” thingamabobber, do 10 hrs. of community service, and get my mommy to sign a paper. Its gunna be the shizz, Im finally gunna make something of my life ^^

~amy wuz hurr~

P.S- okay gosh…you can stop laughing about the mints now -_- lol jk.