First day of school…The Review.
September 9, 2009

Okay, Im  kinda sad. Here’s why it was bad…

1. My old TEACHERS asked what happened with Nick.

2. I have like three classes with Nick.

3. I dont have lunch with any of my friends.

4. It was humid, so my hair went POOF!

5. Some one asked if Nick got me PREGNANT!!!!

6. Chelsie WOULDVE been in my cluster if she hadnt moved!!! WAHHH!!! She wouldve been in my english class. They called out her name during attendance.

Those are the main reasons. But there were some positive things.

1. I got computer class in my first semester.

2. A lot of my friends are in some of my classes.

3. I get to see Nick every day, whether he wants to or not xD

4. Not too many people asked about him.

5. I didnt trip like last year :]

Well all in all, it was okay. Itll probably be better tomorrow. Or worse…



Life is like a house of mirrors…
May 21, 2009

“Life is like a house of mirrors: sometimes you get confused and lost, but once you find your way, its really easy to figure out.”- Amy (me)

My life has been flowing pretty easily lately. I havent been bored much, too occupied with school, Nick, piano, and writing to notice much.

Tomorrow, one of my two best friends, Chelsie, is coming over. Im taking her to the NJHS induction ceremony. Im in it too. Its gunna be coolio.

May 16th-17th, I participated in Relay For Life. In case you don’t know, Relay For Life, is a 24 hour walk to raise awareness for cancer. I had lots of laughs, and lots of tears. My grandma passed away from breast cancer and my grandpa has a nonspreadble cancer in his ear. It was very moving.

This week at school, its Spirit Week! Today was school colours day, yesterday was neon day (i wore my lime green skinnies) and tomoro is inside out day 😀 awesomeness!

Currently, Nicholas is at a League Meet for track. Hes super fast.

Me and Nick are still together, our 5 month anniversary was May 16th :]

I’ll end this now lol, talk to you laterr, olive juice ;]

~amy wuz hurr~

As Deep As It Gets…
January 28, 2009

Childhood is slipping through your fingers

like each memory, every part of innocence

is fading to black.

You try to reach

and go back to that time

of believing everything,

and knowing nothing at all

but it falls away.

so to the adults young at heart:

you all wish you could be 5 years old again,

hold onto that part of your life as long as you can.

to the young growing up:

live every moment like its your last,

you’re allowed to make mistakes; use that knowledge to it’s fullest.