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Owww dammit!!! CHARLIE BIT ME!!!!

Best emo song in the world 


 if u watch this one ur gonna cry so umm dont blame me

dedicated to steven, the dumbass faker u only went out with me cuz he felt bad, i hav one thing to say,,, BASTARD!

👿 😦


12 Responses

  1. if the songspot is annoying u just pause it to make it shut up

  2. Wait wtf y didu like say tht i didnt do anything!

  3. no not u a diff steven a stupid frickin @#%$#! 😀 his pic is on the ”my stuff” page
    he lokedddddd rlllllllllllllly cute yesterday

  4. k um the concrete anngel one; yea i just realized it was her mom tht beat her up, and btw tht little dude was kinda stupid cuz he was just like sitting there watching and rolling his eyes, ugh

  5. dont u ♥ my new profile pic? its so cute!


  7. LMAO

  8. i almost started to cry, but i somehow didnt

  9. nice, will power

  10. i feel like being inspirational right now, wow, what a strange feeling

  11. brendon did that to me too… that song is for steven from u and for brendon from me… but i dont really care anyway…

    Aew’z comment: *ahem* on this website, we call him phil diffy, not brenden.
    ~here 2 help & eat cheez! 😀 ♥

  12. Lol

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